Wednesday, July 20, 2016

State of the Blog (July 2016)

A few quick announcements:

1). I'll be winding down the Archetypes Vs. Women series soon, as I've said more or less everything I wanted to say. There will be a few more posts exploring individual Jungian archetypes from a female-character perspective before it ends.

2). I've more or less put my chips on the table already for the Presidential election and the Hugos, so don't expect much on those fronts until the voting happens.

3). You may notice the StudyOke! posts disappearing soon. That's because I've decided to spin them off onto their own blog:

Unlike this blog, I'm not going to discuss HBD/Politics/Anything but Japanese Music and Grammar on StudyOke!, so please don't let it spill over. If you don't like that, tell me why I'm a totalitarian dickhole on this blog.

4). I'm considering fleeing America for Japan. This has nothing to do with the election, and everything to do with being bored out of my skull. Maybe in two or three months.

5). I really have no idea what topic to focus on next, so I may try my hand at some fiction/amateur game design. It seems a shame to have all of these opinions about art and culture and not put any of them to practice. Of course, I have no experience in programming so things are going to get messy.

But then, messy is better than boring.

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