Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[Oedipus & Eve] Series Hub

                There is no reason why morality systems in video games have to be terrible, and yet they so often are. This series looks at why so many games fumble with moral issues and some options beyond what we've seen.

[OE001] Introduction: Morality Systems and Games

Part One - In the Garden: Explicit Choice, Conscious Fall

[OE002] The Story: Adam & Eve
[OE003] The Game Mechanic: Red vs. Blue
[OE004] What We Could Do: Beyond Straw Good and Evil

Part Two - Seductive Gifts: Damned When You Do

[OE005] The Story: Pandora
[OE006] The Game Mechanic: Choiceless Choices
[OE007] What We Could Do: The Pushed Pusher

Part Three - Blind King of Thebes: Heroic Morality

[OE008] The Story: Oedipus
[OE009] Handlug vs. Tat
[OE010] The Game Mechanic: Your Precious Eyes
[OE011] What We Could Do: The Goal

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