[Series Hub] Who Frames Roger Rabbit?

What is a cartoon character? How is a cartoon character framed as a concept? How do we create a being such as Mickey Mouse which is both instantly recognizable by and relatable to billions of humans, and yet has no concrete physical being?

In this series we look at the phenomology of cartoon characters and their relation to humans in human societies throughout history through the lenses of Hegel and Azuma.

Section One: Pharaohs, Presidents, and Round-Eared Mice - The Evolution of Comics

[WFR001] Part One
[WFR002] Part Two
[WFR003] Part Three

Section Two: Sittlichkeit Mouse - Toward a Hegelian Model of Cartoon Recognition

[WFR004] Part Four
[WFR005] Part Five

Section Three: Mickey Geist - The Ontology of Mickey Mouse

[WFR006] Part Six
[WFR007] Part Seven
[WFR008] Part Eight/Conclusion

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