Monday, April 11, 2016

[Archetypes Vs. Women] Series Hub

The Damsel in Distress is not simply a Trope, but an Archetype. Its meaning and power do not stem primarily from male domination/power fantasies, but rather from the principles of the unconscious. It is one of humanity's oldest symbols for the struggle toward self-knowledge.

Part One examines Archetypes, Tropes and why the Damsel in Distress is more accurately described as the former. It will not address video games in particular, but rather question our assumptions of where the Damsel comes from and why it is a perennial theme in all forms of human creativity. 

Part Two examines different ancient stories with female protagonists, dissect the Archetypal patterns they portray, and consider how they might influence female-positive game design. It will focus in more on video game specifically, with an eye on how to create psychologically compelling characters, settings, and game mechanics.

Part One: Tropes Vs. Archetypes