Monday, April 23, 2018

I have a new job and I love it, but why the hell is everyone here so angry all the time? It's like I never hear anyone talking in a tone of voice that isn't pissed off or stressed. It makes zero sense. No one says anything that they can't scream.

The new job is teaching English at a private school. I wonder if this has something to do with the higher stress of parental expectations? Like, if the kids don't excel, their parents are going to pull them out and send them somewhere else? That makes sense on the surface, but I feel like screaming at the kids constantly isn't going to help them succeed.

I mean, I've come down on kids before for screwing around or talking in class or whatever, but this is a bit extreme. And the worst part is, the fact that I'm not screaming constantly gives the kids the initial impression that I'm soft, so I do have to come down on them more than usual.

It's just very different from what I'm used to and seems very unhealthy. I'm starting to feel stressed out just from constantly hearing people yell and scream. But other than that, yeah, great job.

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