Thursday, October 22, 2015

[A Brief Theology of Time] Series Hub

“Give no poor fool the pretext to think ye are claiming knowledge of what no mortals knows.” - CS Lewis, The Great Divorce

A Brief Theology of Time

[BTT000] Prologue: Free Will, Predestination, and the Limits of Understanding

Part I: Arguing With Augustine

[BTT001]  Genesis 1:1
[BTT002] Biblical Theologies and the Bible
[BTT003] The Wages of Dogmatism
[BTT004] Faith of Our Fathers
[BTT005] Creatures of Time, Creatures of Eternity

Part II: What Does the Bible Say About Time?

[BTT006] What Does the Bible Say About Time?
[BTT007] The Time Before Time
[BTT008] The Beginning of Time
[BTT009] The Fall of Space and the Fall of Time
[BTT010] The Fall of Time and the Three Curses
[BTT011] The End of Time
[BTT012] Time Destroyed

Part III: Objections and Responses

[BTT013] "Isn't the problem of Time..."
[BTT014] "If the Bible is the Eternal Word of God..."
[BTT015] "If the Death and Resurrection of Jesus occurred in history..."
[BTT016] "How can a just God..."
[BTT017] Further Objections

Part IV: The Proposition of Pain

[BTT018] Does God Care About Suffering?
[BTT019] Temporal Suffering and Eternal Suffering
[BTT020] All Things Made New

Part V: Prophecy and the Divine Perspective

[BTT021] How Does the Bible Approach Prophecy?
[BTT022] Specific Old Testament Prophecy, Ambiguous Fulfillment
[BTT023] Explicit Fulfillment, Ambiguous Prophecy
[BTT024] Matt 1:18-23 / Isaiah 7:3-17
[BTT025] Matt 2:14-15 / Hosea 11:1-4
[BTT026] Matt 2:6-18 / Jer 31:15-17
[BTT027] Matt 4:12-16 / Isaiah 9:1-7
[BTT028] Matt 8:16-17 / Isaiah 53:1-6
[BTT029] Matt 12:14-21 / Isaiah 42:1-4
[BTT030] Matt 21:1-5 / Zech 9:1-10
[BTT031] Matt 27:3-9 / Jer 32:1-15
[BTT032] Matt 27:35 / Psalm 22:16-18
[BTT033] Mark 15:27-28 / Isaiah 53:10-12
[BTT034] Luke 4:21 / Isaiah 61:1-4
[BTT035] John 12:35-41 / Isaiah 53:1 / Isaiah 6:10
[BTT036] John 13:18-19 / Psalm 41:9
[BTT037] John 15:25 / Psalm 69:4
[BTT038] John 19:13-14 / Psalm 22:18
[BTT039] John 19:32-37 /Psalm 34:20? / Zechariah 12:10
[BTT040] Acts 1:15-22 / Psalm 69:25 / Psalm 109:8
[BTT041] Data Breakdown
[BTT042] Analysis

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