Friday, October 16, 2015

The State of the Blog (October 2015)

A few housekeeping items:

1). In the near future, I’m going to be shifting to talking more about pen & paper RPGs and less about video games.

2). In the near future, I’m going to be shifting to posting more articles about non-games stuff: translation, theology, and errata.

3). In response to recent rumblings on the blogosphere about overly-vague Codes of Conduct, I am considering instituting some Rules on Commenting. For the record, this is not a response to anyone who has commented here. It is an attempt to make the Rules exceedingly explicit.

Here’s the rough draft:

I am the Rev thy host, who led you out of nowhere in particular.
I. Thou shalt not spam. Well-thought out comments shall not be considered spam, no matter how frequently a person posts. Robo-spamming and copypasta is right out.
II. Thou shalt not post threats of real-world violence or exhortations to commit real-world violence. Comments which are obviously jokes or hyperbole shall not be considered threats of real-world violence.
III. Thou shalt not post pornographic material and thou shalt not post links to pornographic material without first providing a NSFW warning.
IV. Thou shalt not post anything illegal to this blog. The Rev thy host will turn you in to the relevant authorities so fast, you guys.
V. Thou shalt not expect the Rev thy host to give a single crap about any comment which does not fall into the previous four categories.
VI. Thou shalt feel free to post anonymously.
VII. Thou shalt feel free to comment off-topic.
VIII. Thou shalt feel free to disagree with everyone and anyone, including the Rev thy host. If thou expecteth anyone to take thy arguments seriously, thou had best bring thy A-game.
IX. Thou art not owed anything by anyone here. The Rev thy host in particular has a full-time job and a life and shalt prioritize these things over thee.
X. Attacks of a personal nature are discouraged, unless hilarious.

The goal of these rules is not to limit what you can say, but to make it very clear that you will only ever be banned for practical reasons - never ideological reasons.
Cool? Cool.

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