Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Declassified: Get Sloppy and Stay Sloppy

Good morning, Ruineers!

Today we're going to start looking at some tips and tricks for Ruining your life, Wasting your time and Money, and Destroying your company from the OSS Simple Sabotage Field Manual. Your Uncle Sam uses these same techniques to wear down the Krauts, Japs, and Ruskies overseas, so they're field tested for ruining your life here in the Good Old US of A.

Today's Tip: Get Sloppy and Stay Sloppy

Here's a neat little trick for around the house! Whenever you're working on a project, makes sure to leave your tools where they lay once you're done with them - tables and counters are great for this. When you need to use that table later, just shove those tools out of the way. Out of sight is out of mind!

And if leaving tools on the table is good, leaving them outside or under a sink where they can rust up is just dandy. Just make sure to never ever put them back where they belong, and you'll be on your way to Staying Sloppy! Tools that are easy to find and in good condition are a terrible setback on your road to a ruined life.

Staying sloppy doesn't stop with tools, either. Remember to also stay sloppy with your personal finances. Ignorance is bliss, and that goes double for your income, savings, and expenses. Knowing how much money you have going in and going out can lead to saving, delaying purchases, or cutting down on wasteful spending. Jeepers!

And there's no better place to be sloppy than the office. A messy desk is the perfect place to lose important paper and assignments. Once they're buried under a fine carpet of old, unfiled memos, you're on the fast track to face time with the boss, as he chews you out good.

This goes double for the factory floor. A tool in its proper place is a tool that can easily be used to do work. But there's fat chance of that when your socket wrench is jammed on a shelf somewhere! Then it's just a short trip to your neighbor's workbench for some "five-fingered shopping." It's good to be sloppy for yourself, but it's better to be sloppy with everyone's property.

So add a little sloppiness into your attitude and surroundings today - it's a great first step on the road to ruin.

That's all for today, Ruineers!

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