Monday, January 9, 2017

State of the Blog: 01/09/17

1). First, thanks to John and Zaklog for posting workarounds for the Kindle copy limit that slowed down the Rules for Radicals series. Unfortunately, the job search is interfering with that series now anyway (along with some large projects at the current job - we're always feast or famine).

2). The job hunt is proceeding well - I had my first interview seven days into the search, which isn't a bad turnaround time. Got another today.

I'm thinking about doing a series on job hunting/resume writing/cover letter tips. It's something most of my friends still don't know how to do, no matter how many times I show them. Maybe a written series would work better? Worth thinking about.

3). As mentioned, the job search is taking up a lot of time. Starting tomorrow, I'm posting a series I tinkered around with a few months back, The working title was Declassified: Ruining your Life, Wasting your Time and Money, and Destroying Your Company. It's a tongue-in-cheek Self-Harm series based on  OSS Simple Sabotage Field Manual. I hope you enjoy not putting its advice into action.


-The Rev

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