Friday, September 4, 2015

Dammit, Guys

Dammit, guys, you're going to get me kicked out of the warren:

McChuck September 4, 2015 at 8:36 AM

What wonderful, delicious, unintended irony. Rev said:

" If we can return to a place where the author's personal politics are no longer what matters most, then de-escalation has occurred.

I'm not saying that anyone should vote for anything other than the best piece - I'm saying that everyone should only vote for the piece they think is the best work of Science Fiction."

Do you not understand that this is the goal of the Sad Puppies movement? That this is our clearly stated victory condition? This is what Sad Puppies is all about!

The Rev September 4, 2015 at 10:34 AM

"Do you not understand that this is the goal of the Sad Puppies movement?"

Yes, and I think it's a goal that works for everyone but the true SJWs. It works for the Left, it works for the Right, it works for the people who just want all of the politically motivate people to shut up so they can read Sci-Fi.

As you say, the Sad Puppies are not the Rabid Puppies. The Sad Puppies are reasonable, and can be negotiated with - and their primary demand is quite frankly something that anyone who believes in free speech should support...oh God, I think I just realized I'm a Sad Puppy.



  1. Well now you've gone and done it by showing you have a sense of humor.

    You're doomed!

  2. Well, when an SJW commenter at Mad Genius Club claimed to your virtual face that you must be Vox Day in disguise, I was thinking, "Hmm, I hear the bark of a Puppy being born." ;-)

  3. Welcome to the fold.

  4. It was a truly odd moment of clarity. Sometimes there really is only one conclusion at the end of a train of logic.

  5. And when you realize that the 'true SJWs' it doesn't work for are running the show, you'll turn rabid. You've been reading too much vox. Remember what Nietzsche said about staring into the abyss.

  6. Welcome to the Evil Legion of Evil Rev.

  7. 1. Welcome aboard...we have cookies somewhere but I'm the chili guy...and generally during the NFL season so come on over. I'll warn you though given they picked up my boy we're an Eagles house this year (well, I am...wife is still a Falcons fan and my Denver loyalty is very old).

    2. Head on over to Mad Genius to see the reaction to the SP4, this time with 10 recommendations, from the side you have been trying to advise. 10 recommendations for 5 slots (what they were told would have been okay for SP3) is already a slate in the File 770 world.

  8. If you want to stay Sad, you can probably take a seat next to Brad Torgersen. I understand he's rather more liberal than the rest of the leadership (such "leadership" as the movement has).

  9. You don't get your gang colors until you've had a comment deleted at Whatever.

    But if you get disemvoweled at Making Light, you can wear a paper crown!