Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Reduxing Vox Day: GRRM Gets It

You've probably already seen this, but it's worth discussing: GRRM admits E Pluribus Hugo isn't gonna cut it.

Note the wheels turning. EPH isn't gonna cut it. 4/6 isn't gonna cut it. The best we can do is reduce Puppy slots by one (not to one, mind you - from 5 of 5 to 4 of 5). We're going to have to drink some bitter medicine to fight this infection.

Slowly, the unthinkable becomes thinkable. Negative votes. Blacklists. Juries. We have accepted that the Hugos will never again exist in their previous form. We can only try to decide what new form it will be.

But the fickle public is like water - grasp too hard, and it will slip through your fingers. No one is obligated to participate in the Hugos. The more they feel herded and controlled, the less likely they will pay for the privilege. It is far from certain we will be the ones deciding.

No Award is cheers and applause for an evening, and shame for a year. It is more dissent, more allies-turned-enemies. The longer this fight draws out, the less a victory that feels like victory seems possible.

Unsettled, the realization finally sinks in: this will not be over by Christmas. This will not be over next year. Our victory is not preordained. We will lose things - worse, we will have to make sacrifices,

You'd think GRRM of all people would realize how often the self-declared "good guys" lose.

The Headsman's axe rises. Winter is coming.

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  1.         Well, they could stop being assholes (Social Justice Warriors always project; hence the asterisks).  But I really don't think they are capable of that.