Friday, April 21, 2017

Beauty and the Bestial: LeFou and Gay Representation

I saw the live-action Beauty and the Beast on opening night, and my first comment was, "Disney better bless their stars that Malaysia banned this film, or else the gays would tear it apart."

I'd summarize the list of homosexual grievances against this film, but Cracked has already done a good job of documenting it:

Oh, the indignity, the stereotypes! Effeminate gays! Closeted gays! Shall wonders never cease! Perhaps now that Malaysia has caved and the film will air uncensored, the gay community will be able to tear into the Beast. That Cracked dare criticize a former gay martyr to Gay Free Speech publicly is a sign in that direction.

"We have always loved Beauty and the Beast. We have always been at war with Beauty and the Beast. LeFou is a gay icon. LeFou is a gay minstrel. When the homophobes hate a thing, we love it. When they love a thing (or even treat it indifferently), we hate it."

Oppression is strength. No, truly, their only strength is the claim that they are oppressed. And if the Malaysians will not oppress them, then Disney will. An oppressor will always be found, because if there is no oppression, there is no Feed.

It is the disruption of proper societal functioning that releases the energy these vampires feed on. That's literally the whole point of the chapter of Rules for Radicals I have been lingering on for, like, two months.

We will not reach peak Oppression Narrative until the Narrative no longer sells, until no one cares. The gays you will always have with you, but the Grievance Industry is something else. Until there is no fortune in protest, the greedy will stir up contention at every minor point.

Culture wars aside, Beauty and the Beast was pretty good! I prefer the animated original, but the update is well done. Solid cast, great visual effects, and top notch singing. This is one of the least gay pieces of media I've seen in years - less gay than Harry Potter.

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